Cockatiels are some of the coolest creatures on the planet. They are adorable, smart, and very entertaining to boot. If you are around one of these birds, chances are that you will never be bored. Just take a look at the following video for example. It introduces us to an amazing cockatiel called Snowball. And as you can see, he is quite a rock star. A charismatic dancer, Snowball has been going viral on the internet for his amazing moves.

He is self-taught and wasn’t trained at all to do this. According to his owners, his sense regarding rhythm is so defined and amazing that he is actually being studied by scientists! They say that he loves the Backstreet Boys the best, but there are some other good songs that he also likes dancing to. “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen is one of them. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see this little guy go!

As soon as the music starts, Snowball begins bobbing his head. His “hairdo” even matches his steps. This is no doubt one of the most incredible videos I have come across. Snowball is considered to be one of the only animals that can change his steps to match the beats. He can even improvise his moves according to the music he is listening. Cockatiels are known to be performers, but this is just something else!

Check out Snowball dancing in the video below!

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