Dogs are the descendants of wolves. However, because of years and years of breeding, they hardly resemble their ancestors anymore. But as you can see from the following video, they have managed to retain some of their characteristics. Dogs still have a pack mentality like wolves do, and they only follows those who they consider to be the alpha. If they don’t see their owner as an alpha, they might even give them some trouble.

Some breeds of dogs have also retained their powerful senses and skills for hunting. In this clip, we get to see two pit bulls running through a river and catching fish right out of the water. And they do it with such ease! You are going to be out of words when you see them dive in and come back out with the biggest salmons in their mouths! The man who posted the video writes in the description that the fish were later thrown back into the water to let them die natural deaths.

According to the owner of the dogs, he was not present when this clip was filmed. His friend was looking after his dogs and she decided to take them to the river. He says that he normally wouldn’t allow his dogs to do this as he thinks this behavior is not healthy for the natural habitat of the fish. Check out the video below! What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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