Thousands of animals from animal shelters get euthanized every year if they can’t find loving homes. If they have some medical conditions, they are put down rather than being treated, as treatment can be long and expensive. Feral cats are usually euthanized more, simply for the fact that they are feral. The cat in the following video, Mason, was also one of them. He also had advanced kidney disease, abscess in his teeth and severe battle scars.

The poor guy was not in the best form of his life. Apart from that, he had an injured foot as well. Because of the pain that his conditions caused him, he was usually quite grumpy and aggressive towards other people. Mason had to live his last months without pain, do they took him into a foster home. After some time, he began adapting well with being indoors. That is when a few kittens were brought in.

The tiny kittens needed someone to look after them, and surprisingly, Mason instantly stepped into the role of their foster dad! Look at how happy and gentle he was with the kittens—it finally looked like he found his purpose. Despite being in so much pain himself, he did a great job of nurturing the other kittens. This goes to show how powerful love really is.

Check out the full video below:

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