Harry Potter has become a worldwide phenomenon. Author J.K. Rowling has put together such wonderful story about a young wizard growing up in a magical world and making friends along the way. Even adults love the series! One of the main characters apart from Harry Potter is Hermoine Granger, his friend. She is a brilliant and clever witch, and she is a major inspiration for Issy Simpson, the girl in the following video.

8-year-old Issy is very fond of magic. Her grandfather taught her the basics, and now she really has a taste for it! She had auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, and blew the judges’ minds with her unbelievable acts. The young girl went on to the grand finals as well! The following video shows her amazing performance for the semi-finals, and how she pulls it off will leave your jaw hanging.

From the very first moment itself, she left everyone in awe by transforming from an “older” self to a younger version. She assigned the judges a task each, from picking out a random number to looking for change in their pockets. These seemingly random acts all made sense when she pulled out a letter from an envelope. What was written inside boggled everyone’s minds! Even Simon was left searching for words!

Check out the full video below:

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