When it comes to pets, cats are considered to be less maintenance than dogs. It is kind of true, as they clean up after themselves, don’t shed as much as dogs and don’t require as much exercise. But they do have some odd habits, like waking up at the oddest hours of the night and disturbing their owners. Their meows aren’t always disturbing though. Just check out the kitty in the following video.

Meet Jumbo Pillow. He is an adorable exotic Short Haired kitten. Despite being only 6 months old, he is almost as big as an adult! Now that is quite a growth spurt he had. Cats are usually said to be solitary and aloof, but Jumbo Pillow wants to change that. He wants cats to be known as friendly too, and he is showing how it’s done in the following video.

Jumbo Pillow really wanted to be friends with the other cats in the house. He had been kept away from them because the vet had recommended such. After meeting one of the bigger cats, he was over the moon. He really wanted to start a friendship, so he started meowing in the cutest way! The amount of attention he wants is unreal! He’s such a cute guy though.

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