Britain’s Got Talent opens its stage to everyone, no matter what background. Everyone who thinks they have some talent is welcome to show it to the world. 14-year-old Jack Carroll wanted to try out for Britain’s Got Talent too. Jack was born with cerebral palsy, and he cannot move around so easily without some sort of help. But instead to letting that pull him down, he turns his weakness into his strength! His audition was amazing, and everyone loved his act!

Jack hadn’t anticipated such a response. But every week, people gave him even better responses. He eventually reached the finals of the show! The following video shows him performing his final set onstage before everyone. He didn’t seem nervous in any way, and even if he was, you wouldn’t notice because he delivered such a flawless routine!

The teen’s sense of humor is hilarious with only a touch of darkness. All his jokes are so witty, and still so clean and fresh. He even has some political satire down pat. Throughout his whole set, the judges and the crowd couldn’t stop laughing! Jack didn’t win the title that night, but he hasn’t stopped his pursuit of comedy. He even won a Pride Of Britain award in 2012!

Check out the full video below:

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