Elvis Presley is one of the greatest icons in the history of music. He is known as the King of Rock N’ Roll, and he has shown how worthy he is of the title. He had the winning combination of stunning looks, a killer voice and an irresistible charm. He won over the world with his talent, but also caused many controversies along the way with his hip-shaking antics. It caused quite a scandal at that time!

Sadly, he passed away untimely. He was only 42 years old when he passed away due to his declining. He also had a history with abusing prescription drugs, which contributed to his deterioration. Despite that all, his work has influenced the music scene. His songs have inspired and influenced millions of people and continue to do so. The following performance was one of the most memorable in his career.

This performance took place back in 1956. The King decided to perform his hit song, “Hound Dog” onstage. The song was originally performed by Big Mama Thornton back in 1952. While her rendition is quite popular as well, Elvis made it mainstream with his cover. His stage presence, dance moves as well as his voice is simply magnificent!

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