There are lots of talented people in the world. Featured below is one of these gifted individuals. You are going to be completely speechless when you hear Stephen Barry’s beautiful vocals. His voice is very unique, since it is soft yet powerful. The 31 year old singer managed to impress the judges in Ireland’s Got Talent 2018, right from his first note. I think his song choice is perfect for his voice, and the members of the audience seem to agree.

With his heart beating fast, Barry stepped on the stage. Even though he was nervous, which is obvious when you get a chance to perform on such a huge platform, he managed to nail his audition. Barry sang with everything he had and he most definitely brought his A-game onstage. As more time passed, his confidence started increasing. He was soon walking down to where the judges were seated and holding their hands.

Stephen Barry took a risk performing such a tough tune, but managed to do it complete justice. He had no idea of the outcome, but he gave it a try and it worked out well for him. By the end of his performance, he was wholly in his element and was more comfortable than ever. His breath-taking audition managed to bring all the judges up to their feet!

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