It’s no secret that the 80s delivered some of the most iconic movies of all time. The music, the fashion and the risqué storylines, they were all iconic. No wonder the stars from that era got big breaks and are still popular even today.

Everyone from Tom Cruise to Molly Ringwald need to be thanked for some of our favorite movies of all time. These stars may have abandoned their bright and kitschy look today, but they will always be 80s stars in our eyes.

If you want to know what the starts from that era are doing today, check out this gallery of the legends…

Molly Ringwald – The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink

Famous brat pack girl, Molly was every girl’s idol and every boy’s crush in the 80s. She was on fire! The star even turned down roles in Pretty Woman and Ghost – two more iconic movies she could have had under her belt.

Molly Ringwald Now

Nowadays, Molly has moved to the smaller screen. She starred as the mother of a 16 year old pregnant daughter in The Secret Life Of An American Teenager from 2008-2013

Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing

After Jennifer’s success as Baby from Dirty Dancing, she delved into the world of more films including Criminal Justice, Eye of A Witness, Since You’ve Been Gone, and Road To Christmas.

Jennifer Grey Now

Her best achievement nowadays is her incredible Dancing For The Stars win in 2010!

Claudia Wells – Back To The Future

Because of Claudia’s mother’s illness, she did not return to the sequels of Back To The Future and only acted in a short-lived TV series, Fast Times.

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