Whose Vine Is It Anyway?
Novel digital tools illuminate the emergence of Vine
Tech / 8 Mar 2013
The “Instagram for Video” concept has come under scrutiny lately but, as snap-happy smartphone users increasingly test their cinematography skills via Vine, the jury is still out. With the video sharing app gaining traction as a tool for citizen journalism—reportage has ranged from Nemo to London Fashion Week—demand for devices that allow users to sift through videos and see their impact is intensifying.
: More than 100,000 Vine videos were posted to Twitter in a single weekend last month. With such an avalanche of content, there are few easy ways to find videos created around a specific subject, theme, or event. Marketing and communications agency SS+K developed a discovery app, Vineviewer, that offers anyone (whether or not they have a Vine account) to search the video pool for relevant matter. Videos are identified via hashtags, a social media reflex to which most Vine users are already well accustomed. While SS+K created Vineviewer as a tool to help the company more effectively glean consumer insights, it’s open to anyone.
: Chatroulette, while it may not have cultivated sustained user engagement, was still an important reminder of the value of randomness in the online realm. With most platforms mapped out to the nth wireframe, there’s something to be said for content that offers a more unsystematic digital experience. Vinepeek does just that by providing a window into the Vine ecoystem for users and non-users alike. Similar to This is Now, a “visual composition” of geo-tagged Instagram photos that’s updated in real time, Vinepeek streams an infinite torrent of Vine videos as they are uploaded. The service also sells custom Vinepeek channels for brands and events.
Simply Measured
: As they are wont to do when any new social media platform is launched, brands are flocking to Vine with fly-on-honey fervor, and marketers are doing their best to leverage the six-second format in ways that don't just mimic their Instagram feeds. But, with no single branded Vine feed having yet cracked the code, experimentation is rampant. So, analytics company Simply Measured has launched a tool that allows companies (and validation-seeking individuals) to see a comprehensive breakdown of who is reacting to their Vines (mentions, shares) and, perhaps more importantly, which of their videos are yielding the most engagement.
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