Six Seconds of Fame
Marketers test out the latest social media sensation
Tech / 4 Feb 2013
While there’s been a lot of talk about mobile video sharing, that’s pretty much all it’s been: talk. However, the January 24th launch of Vine, the Twitter-acquired moving image app, is already garnering more than just lip service. Its launch hasn’t been entirely smooth, as might be expected, but several brands have already jumped into this newly minted lab of potential consumer engagement.
Urban Outfitters:
Urban Outfitters has long been a leader in introducing cutting edge fashions to the mainstream. In many ways, the hipster emporium is equally trendsetting in social media. The Philadelphia-based retailer was reportedly the first brand to test out Vine. Rather than filming flatform sneakers or Teen Wolf-inspired sweatshirts, UO’s first post captured one of the most universal memes in existence: cute dogs. Captioned “The most important Vine you’ll ever see” and hashtagged #uodogs, the clip stars two staff pooches, one of which proves to be as stylish as the brand itself, draped in what appears to be a canine Barbour jacket.
Gap: When Gap unexpectedly rolled out a new logo back in 2010, the rebranding was met with consumer backlash not seen since 2009’s Tropicana fiasco. Gap quickly retracted the design, and has since recognized the vitality of its brand heritage among fans. Thus, for its inaugural posting on Vine, the storied clothing brand kicked things off with a Gap ad retrospective that highlighted its celebrated old school era. Flashbacks, among them hand-drawn psychedelia from its Summer of Love beginning, the launch of Gap Kids circa 1986, and the pleated khaki ’90s, promise to motivate shoppers to fall into the Gap.
Wheat Thins: Wheat Thins is well-versed in how to use social media effectively, as demonstrated by its legendary Twitter prank. However, the snack cracker brand still understands the value of traditional ad buys, having purchased a pre-game Super Bowl spot. Seeking a way to make the most out of the $1 million+ spent on the commercial, Wheat Thins’ tied its first Vine experiment into its promotion, a contest in which residents of Baltimore and San Francisco tweet-competed for the opportunity to have big game day snacks delivered to their doors. Bookend Vines captured a banner of Wheat Thins-derived lettering cheering on each city.
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