On the Road
Automotive marketing shifts into high gear
Tech / 26 Feb 2013
Given the high cost of ownership and the growing abundance of ride sharing and car rentals, it's no wonder that Ys remain hesitant to purchase cars and auto sales continue to decline among young people. As a result, the industry is charging ahead with innovative marketing ploys aimed at the younger set, while drawing inspiration from mega-startups such as Kickstarter and Zipcar.
Dodge Dart Registry:
Dodge Dart is changing the way consumers buy cars through crowdfunding. With the Dodge Dart Registry, created by Wieden + Kennedy, users customize a Dart and set a goal for the amount of money they need to raise to purchase it. Then, they can invite family and friends to pay for parts such as the engine, seats, or steering wheel, much like a traditional wedding registry. Connecting their registries to Facebook and Twitter helps them spread the word. As the site boasts, the Dodge Dart Registry has created “new rules for buying your car” that lower the expense and make the process more collaborative.
: Startup Silvercar seeks to revolutionize the car rental industry by going entirely paperless. Customers download an app to manage the complete rental process from booking to return, thus eliminating agent interaction entirely. Better yet, users won’t be surprised by the cars they receive, since Silvercar offers Audi A4s exclusively — in silver, of course. Each is equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite radio, Google Earth navigation, and a QR code that can be scanned for easy unlocking and drive-off. Silvercar is located at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and will make a limited run in Austin during Grand-Am and SXSW.
Visiting a car dealership can be a dreaded task consumed by pressure to make a purchase on the spot. However, with Tred, a Seattle-based startup launching this spring, users can test drive and buy vehicles without going to showrooms. Potential buyers select cars online that they want to demo and pick a delivery spot. Once delivered by a Tred staffer, customers can use the cars as if they own them; and, with the option to test several vehicles at once, side-by-side comparisons become literally that. Tred also aims to help dealers by making buyers more comfortable throughout the car buying process.
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