Inbox Hero
New tools keep overwhelmed inboxes orderly
Tech / 12 Feb 2013
As an already ADD-prone public becomes increasingly reliant on digital communication platforms, organizing one's online interactions can fall by the wayside. Thankfully, however, a new set of mobile and desktop applications has surfaced to help systemize everyone's virtual communiqués more thoughtfully. From emails to contacts, it appears that spring cleaning is arriving early this year.
Many digital natives find it increasingly difficult to keep track of all their contacts. So, when someone suddenly needs, say, the email address of a pal who likes to boogie board, they'll be glad to have Brewster. An iOS address book that merges contacts from social networks, email accounts and phonebooks, users can look up friends by interest, location, and other filters, so long as the information is public. Similar to Facebook's new Graph Search technology, relationship algorithms monitor communication frequency and mutual connections, which, as founder Steve Greenwood believes, may make Brewster a strong partnership candidate for leading social networks.
Inbox Zero may be an achievable goal for some, but others still confront overstuffed inboxes daily. Task management start-up Orchestra seeks to solve this conundrum with new iOS app Mailbox, a simple way to deal with email overflow. By breaking incoming mail into three categories (those to trash, those to save for later, and those to keep), as well as various timing options for when the user wants to read the "saved for later" emails, methodical organization moves within reach. Users navigate the app through intuitive swipe gestures, and can also enjoy the convenience of composing messages within the sleek interface itself.
Being swarmed with spam gets tiring, but so does missing out on a rare bargain. E-commerce aggregation site Shopilly is designed to prevent shoppers from overlooking great deals. Promotional emails are filtered to a personalized online shopping inbox, so as to avoid untidiness elsewhere. They are then collated into a pinboard format that displays images and brief summaries of the content. Meanwhile, users can keep personal inboxes tidy by using automatically generated Shopilly email addresses for future mailing lists. To top it off, an app is reportedly in the works, ensuring that no stone is left unturned for sale-seekers who favor the in-store experience.
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