A Moment’s Notice
Notification services customize real-time alerts
Tech / 6 Feb 2013
Mining through the vast data trove of the Internet can be a time-consuming and frequently fruitless experience. However, a rash of nascent notification services are taking much of the legwork out of the process by asking users to input their desired search criteria, then simply sitting back to wait for the relevant information to be sent directly to them.
An Ohio-based startup founded within 10xelerator, LaunchGram is a free service that sends aggregated alerts on imminently launching products, ranging from Google Glass to Playstation 4 to The Great Gatsby movie. Users follow specific games, movies, TV shows, gadgets, even cars, then receive weekly LaunchGram summaries of the most recent buzz surrounding each item. Subscribers can opt to receive instant notifications when breaking news is announced. Acutely sensitive to inbox overload, the service promises not to overdo it with misleading rumors or gratuitous information. Rather, each email contains verified multimedia content pertaining to pre-order availability and release date revisions.
: Resultly is a new digital tool that keeps users up-to-date on just about anything. Individuals first input their interests and associated guidelines to begin receiving notifications via the Resultly website, personal email, or iOS app. Potential uses include product sales, airfares, jobs, news, stock quotes, and more. Subscribers then set unique parameters for alerts by category, such as when a product reaches a certain price point or a specific job is posted online. Additionally, users can receive updates from their own Facebook and Twitter social graphs, so that they’ll never have to worry about missing a friend’s engagement, marriage, new baby, or promotion announcement.
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