Off Your Rocker
Designers are revamping the formerly old-school rocking chair
Life / 31 Jan 2013
The rocking chair, once so iconic that it inspired a well-known jazz ditty, has long since been relegated to nurseries and nursing homes. But this nostalgic accent piece is now enjoying a modern update. Designers are decking out swaying seats with both practical and artistic details meant to appeal to more than just babies and grannies.
Object-E: Seoul-based designer Seung Yong Song’s line of space-saving, multi-purpose furniture is perfectly suited to the micro-apartments that may soon define our urban experience. Of particular note is Song’s Object-E, a rocking chair with a high-branching hood that acts as a drying rack. Not only does it conserve floor space by suspending the rack above the seat, but its form follows function: as someone rocks back and forth, the wet clothes above are aired out to speed up dry-time. Song’s practical reinvention of an otherwise non-essential item exemplifies the modern necessity of multipurpose products, as individuals increasingly pare down their ownership of things.
Rocking 2-gether Chair: If the meteoric rise of new media darling Buzzfeed demonstrates anything, it's that no one should underestimate how much people love their pets. Designer Paul Kweton appeals to this pro-pet demo with his Rocking 2-gether Chair, which provides for those who want to keep their furry friends close by while preserving some personal space. The slatted chair features an opening below the seat, in which a dog or cat (or, frankly, any animal that doesn’t pose a flight risk) can rock comfortably while their owner propels the motion above. This one-of-a-kind rocker goes for $1,600 in Galahad Furniture’s Etsy shop.
Private Rocker: The elite Private Rocker offers a measure of solitude for those who wish to rock undisturbed, but don’t require the full-on isolation of, say, a relaxation pod. Designed by art student Kyle Fleet in collaboration with iconic modernist manufacturer Herman Miller, the three-walled chair is composed of high-quality wood and wool fabric for cozy seclusion. Those who aspire to the comforts of this luxury rocking chair but don't feel the need to go it alone may instead consider Shiner Furniture’s Mood Rocking Bed, an entirely open rocking bed that would make for some seriously upscale camping.
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